LNG: Commercial Structuring and Operations

Prepare commercially to create and operate LNG projects

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LNG: Commercial Structuring and Operations

Course Overview

In this course you will gain fundamental understanding of how LNG chains are put together and operate commercially from upstream gas production, through liquefaction, shipping to re-gasification and sales in the ultimate market.

How the different assets in the LNG chain are owned and the rights of participants and users are connected through agreements is crucial, both for creating a viable chain that can be financed and also for the allocation of risks and rewards.

Our LNG training course will help you identify the fundamental drivers and risks for the commercial structure of your project and the critical importance of addressing risks in contracts along the chain.

Once the agreements have been signed those challenged with preparing for commercial operations must create procedures and systems to implement those agreements. You will learn how to approach this challenge and understand the dynamics of operating contracts in the closely linked chain of LNG.

The highly interactive course has a strong focus on ‘learning by doing’, through up to date case studies and exercises that reinforce the insights provided in presentations. The course will enable those attending to:

  • Understand the commercial structures and agreements of LNG projects from upstream gas production to downstream LNG re-gasification.
  • Prepare for commercial operations by creating operating procedures with the experience of implementing the terms of an LNG Sales and Purchase Agreement (SPA).

Benefits of attending

  • Learn commercial drivers and risks that shape the structure of LNG chains.
  • Experience negotiating the key terms of the commercial structure of a liquefaction or re-gasification venture.
  • Understand how the operational clauses of an LNG SPA function to manage commercial risks.
  • Understand how contract and spot prices are developed and managed and how price reviews work.
  • Learn the detailed steps that take place when an LNG cargo is loaded and delivered to customer.
  • Learn the technique of translating commercial agreements to operating procedures.
  • Appreciate the wider aspects of organisation and systems to be addressed in preparing for operations.
  • Experience the challenge of managing LNG deliveries while implementing the terms of agreements.

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