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24 April 2024

‘To survive, we have to keep making LNG better’: Rob Bryngelson, CEO, WaveCrest

For Rob Bryngelson, CEO at Macquarie-backed WaveCrest Energy, life after Excelerate Energy, the floating LNG pioneer he co-founded and led until 2018, required him to tap into the enthusiasm that d

20 May 2024

Avoiding white elephants: Hydrogen faces reality check as CCS trumpets into scene

Ever since net-zero by 2050 became a policy objective across Europe, bidders in transactions involving natural gas transmission or distribution systems have needed to buy into the hydrogen story: t

22 May 2024

Greening the machine: Europe’s industrial prowess in question as EU vote looms

With just over three weeks until the EU parliament elections, which will take place between 6-9 June, Europe’s leadership and progress on the path to net zero is becoming a matter of growing politi

23 May 2024

Order, order: Energy pledges in the spotlight as UK prepares for general election

From the perspective of energy sector stakeholders, the onus for progressing the energy transition is on policymakers, and with a bumper election year for many major global economies in 2024, energ

24 May 2024

Transmission challenge: Power grid bottlenecks stunt LatAm’s renewables growth

Latin America’s difficulty in rolling out enough power transmission infrastructure from areas where renewable energy is generated, combined with its limited uptake of grid-scale battery storage, co

06 May 2024

Tough going: Pakistan’s LNG imports recover but long-term supply hurdles persist

Pakistan’s LNG import levels are recovering amid lower spot prices and shrinking domestic production, but the country is struggling to seal long-term contracts and remains sensitive to price swings

28 May 2024

‘New gas power plants may delay the transition’: Patricia Darez, 350renewables, Chile

Patricia Darez is the director of 350renewables, a renewable energy consultancy based in Chile.

13 May 2024

LNG data Q1 ‘24: Another quarter of slow growth as European imports decline

LNG supply increased by 2.5 mt (2.4%) year on year in the first quarter of 2024, similar to the growth rate in 2023, but well below the long-term growth rate.

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